How can you improve teat health in times of transition?

post-milking teat dip post-milking teat dip
Sep 24, 2021

Wherever there is a challenge to the cow, she is more at risk of infections and teat health issues, so it’s sensible to use hygiene products that offer the most protection. Teat barriers are incredibly effective and highly recommended, especially in times of transition. Some farmers may opt to use barrier products on the whole herd at all times due to their experience in seeing how teat condition improves and the cow’s teat health benefits. Others may use selectively, for example, on the fresh calvers or on the whole herd during the period of reintroduction to winter housing. 


Chlorhexidine is a highly effective proven biocide. But, and of equal importance, it is also a biocide that is extremely kind to the skin. It is widely used throughout the healthcare industry in hand hygiene products, and it is for this reason that Diversey has selected this premium active ingredient for Deosan Target Barrier, a ready-to-use product that nourishes teat skin and offers highly effective protection. Chlorhexidine is also less affected by organic material than some active ingredients and is rapidly taken up by bacteria - an essential quality for post milking applications. 


The highly viscous properties of Target Barrier promotes more accurate coverage and less wastage. It stays put directly on the teat skin, getting into all the nooks and crevices of the teat promoting excellent skin conditioning. The addition of Glycerine and Allantoin also ensures the continuity of skin condition during challenging weather and transitional lactation periods; the teat skin retains moisture, is softened and soothed between milkings. Those that have a block calving herd, and either turn out or bring in the cows close to that time, would be advised to consider this product.  


The careful choice of skin-friendly ingredients allows the 6000ppm chlorhexidine biocide freedom to deliver comprehensive skin disinfection. As a result, it is not only highly effective against bacteria, but also against yeast infections; all of which are commonly associated with mastitis infections.


While many farms use a post milking product in a spray application, it is our recommendation to adopt the direct approach. Directly applying teat barrier products also gives the operator a 'feel of each quarter' at the end of milking which helps to identify any problems quickly and encourages prompt corrective action. This attention to detail can make a significant difference in herd health and milk quality. 


Strategic use of Target Barrier dip can reduce the infection challenge associated with changeable weather, transitional management or high-stress lactation periods by combining the continuity of teat skin condition and optimised teat disinfection. Target Barrier can also remove the reliance on teat creams which present little value in terms of disinfection, can become contaminated with flies and faeces and add complexity to the milking routine. 


A single post-dip approach that uses the right product, at the right time, with the best ingredients, will ensure that good teat skin condition is maintained and could save time and reduce reactive costs in the long run. 


Deosan Target Barrier is a newly developed post-milking teat dip from Diversey, which aims to maximise teat health through its highly efficient biocide and superior skin conditioning properties. Contact us if you would like further information.